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Product Information

Volcano Blush

Variety: Jaboticaba Berry
Style: Blended Wine
Price: $18.00
Size: 750ml (full-sized bottle)
Residual sugar: 4%, Semi-Sweet
Alcohol: 12%
Fruit used: Local jaboticaba berries and estate-grown grapes from the Big Island of Hawaii.
Awards: Bronze: 2006 San Francisco International Wine Competition

“Like the trade winds of Hawaii, Volcano Blush brings tranquility and refreshment to your table. White grapes and exotic jaboticaba berries from the Big Island are blended together to offer hints of cherries and cranberries bathed in a pink hue, then kissed with sweetness and coupled with just enough spice to surprise your palette. Serve well-chilled and let the taste of Hawaii sweep over your taste buds like a gentle leeward breeze.”

Jaboticaba berries are a tropical fruit native to Brazil. Check out this video documentary (voiced in Portuguese) for a look at Jaboticaba trees, which are also found in Hawaii and other tropical regions.

Retail Availability: Click for list, limited to Hawaiian Islands only.