Direct Shipping

Non-grape wine is hard to find. That’s because these products are made by small, family-owned wineries that simply don’t make wine in the sheer volume that would get the attention of national distributors.

So, if real, quality fruit wine (we’re not talking Boone’s Farm here) is rarely found in stores, then how can you get hold of it? The answer is: by ordering directly from the wineries themselves, who then ship it out to your home or work address via Fed Ex or UPS.

If you want quality, professionally made raspberry wine, pumpkin wine, honey wine or handcrafted hard ciders, use’s search engines to find the products you want. Then click the link to the winery that makes it and order directly from the people who made it: the winery, meadery or cidery.

Wineries can keep your per-bottle cost to $12-$15 if you keep your order to non-grape wines (not $20 reds, which was too tempting to not order from Latah Creek) and you order “ground” delivery, which is the standard delivery method.

From left to right, Ellena, Natalie and Mike Conway.

The Conways, owners of Latah Creek Wine Cellars, Spokane, Wash.

If you order 12 bottles of $10 fruit wine (with industry-standard 10% case discount), your per-bottle cost could be no more than $13/bottle. If you order fewer bottles and mix your order with more expensive wines, then your per-bottle cost might be $17 or $18, as in the example of the two videos on this page where Todd made a small, mixed order from Latah Creek. But that’s still a good deal when you consider that the wine you’re ordering is not available in stores and that you’re ordering pricier wine along with fruit wines.

In the two videos (one above, one below), editor Todd Spencer explains how direct shipping works. Direct shipping plays an important role in the wine world — especially with the boutique nature of hand crafted non-grape wines, hard ciders and fruit liquors.

In the first video, Todd orders a shipment consisting of two $10 bottles of hard-to-find huckleberry wine, one $9 bottle of strawberry wine, and a $20 bottle of red from Latah Creek Wine Cellars in Spokane, Washington, which is owned and run by the Conway family (pictured above at left).

In the second video, the wine arrives!

[In a third, never-shot and never- published video, Todd thoroughly enjoys these Latah Creek wines with friends and family over the course of the summer. Everyone has a great time. Plus, everyone gets to taste wines that are not carried by one single store in Michigan, making the dinner parties, weekends on the water and the quiet nights in all that much more memorable.]