Nothing's More American Than Fruit Wine

Family-owned wineries in every state create award-winning fruit wine, but it’s virtually impossible to find these small-batch wines in stores.

Now, getting them is easy. Search our site and click to order from the winery itself.

We feature fruit wines, cherry wines,  hard ciders, honey wines, exotic wines and fruit-based spirits. Come on in ….

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Fruit Wines

“But year after year I come back to this place/ just to remember the taste/ of strawberry wine.”
— Deana Carter

Cherry Wines

“Oh, don’t you be like me/ drink your good sweet cherry wine/ and let that whiskey be.”
— Leadbelly


Pumpkin, maple, chocolate-hazelnut, key lime, dandelion, rhubarb… whether bark, nut, vegetable, root, common lawn weed or rare fruit, these “exotic” wines are all handcrafted by fearless and talented artisans.

Hard Ciders

“Cider apples furnish one of the most cogent arguments to prove that Providence had the production of alcoholic liquors directly in its eye.”
— George Saintsbury

Honey Wines

“The history of the term honeymoon dates back to the Norse, who would drink a quantity of mead (honey wine) for the first month (moon) of marriage.”
— The Voice, U.K. newspaper


“Eau de vie is the French word meaning ‘water of life.’ They are clear, pure distillates of fermented and mashed fruit.”
— Steve McCarthy, Clear Creek Distillery, Portland, Oregon