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Product Information


Variety: Elderflower
Style: Honey Wine
Price: $24.00
Size: 375ml (half-sized bottle)
Residual sugar: .75%, Dry
Alcohol: 14%
Fruit used: Wild-foraged elderflowers.
Wild Flowers

This elderflower honey wine presents itself as something different, with a formidable floral bouquet. On the palette, a dry yet viscous liquid expresses itself with notes of grapefruit and coriander.

Melissaios (“one belonging to the bees”), starts with creamy white, fragrant, wild-foraged elder blossoms plucked and dried, which are then steeped in a hoshead of fresh mountain honey and spring water and made into a dry-style honey wine. Best served chilled or cellar temperature (cool).

This is well suited as a dry desert wine.

Retail Availability: Click for list, limited to central Washington and Seattle area.