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Product Information

Hawaiian Guava-Grape Wine

Variety: Guava
Style: Blended Wine
Price: $22.00
Size: 750ml (full-sized wine bottle)
Residual sugar: 4%, Semi-Sweet
Alcohol: 12%
Fruit used: Local yellow guava from the Big Island of Hawaii. Estate-grown grapes.
Awards: Silver: 2007 Pacific Rim International Wine Competition; Bronze: 2006 West Coast Wine Competition; Bronze: 2001 International Wine Summit, Atlanta, Ga.

The Hawaiians are well-known for throwing a festive luau or two, and that spirit is captured in this award-winning guava wine that combines Hawaiian-grown white grapes and succulent yellow guava. The two are blended to perfection in a sweet, golden-colored wine that’s half-wild, half-tame, and 100% Paradise.

This semi-sweet guava wine offers a beautiful nose and sweet fruit-forward guava taste, with a smooth nutty finish. Pairs with spicy and salty foods, or enjoy with ice cream and chocolate for a truly unique Hawaiian dessert.

Retail Availability: Click for list, limited to Hawaiian Islands only.