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Product Information

BEE Vodka

Variety: 100% Honey
Style: Spirit
Price: $49.99
Size: 750ml (full-sized bottle)
Residual sugar: 0%, Dry
Alcohol: 40%
Fruit used: Honey is a special blend from local Finger Lakes area producers.
Awards: Double Gold & Best of Class: New York State Fair (2011); Silver: New York Wine & Food Classic (2009); Silver and "Highly Recommended" rating of 88 points: Beverage Testing Institute (2009).

A unique specialty vodka made from the purest honey in the Finger Lakes region, triple-distilled in individual batches for a flawless finish. BEE Vodka is irresistibly smooth but never sweet. Crystal clear with exceptional character, it promises to bee something you’ve never experienced. Makes a great cocktail mixed with our Montezuma Winery’s Cranberry Bog wine. Sip, Relax and Just Bee.

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Available in: New York

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