Product Information

Pear Wine

Variety: Pear
Style: Dessert Wine
Price: $35.00
Size: 500ml (two-thirds bottle)
Residual sugar: 3%, Semi-Sweet
Alcohol: 18%
Fruit used: A blend of estate-grown Asian pears and locally acquired Bartlett and Bosc.
Awards: Gold: 2012 Los Angeles International Wine Competition; Bronze: 2010 Indy International Wine Competition; Silver: 2010 Virginia Wine Lovers Magazine Wine Classic; People’s Choice: 2009 Virginia Wine Showcase

This wonderful wine blends Bosc, Bartlett, and Asian pears from the Asian pear tree in the vineyard. The juice is fermented and then part of it is distilled locally into a pear brandy, which in then reintroduced into the wine. The bold brandy aroma comes straight to the front of the nose, but takes a backseat to the flavor of pear.

This unexpected treat is flavorful and balanced and complements desserts, fruits, and cheese. Homer referred to pears as “the fruit of the Gods,” and with a taste of this fortified wine, you will see why.

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