Wine/mead/cider-making equipment/supply retailers that sell and ship to North Carolina

  • Austin Homebrew Supply

    State: Texas
    Phone: (800) 890-2739

    Austin Homebrew Supply has been serving home brewers and winemakers since 1991. Thanks to many many brewers and winemakers, we are still growing. We feature a huge selection of the freshest ingredients and all of the hardware to make beer and wine. With over 200 years of combined brewing and winemaking experience, our staff has a tremendous knowledge base to provide you with assistance and advice.

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  • E.C. Kraus

    State: Missouri
    Phone: (800) 353-1906

    Family-owned since 1966 and currently headed up by E.C.’s son Ed, E.C. Kraus is one of the most complete online retailers for all things you need to make wine and beer at home. And it’s smack-dab in the middle of the U.S., serving all 50 states. Specializing in fruit wine kits, supplies, and equipment ranging from hard-to-find fruit presses for pressing your own backyard fruit to full-service kits. (Check out their fruit wine primer here.)

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