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Clear Creek Distillery

Clear Creek Distillery

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Clear Creek Distillery has married classic European brandy making techniques with the finest fruit from Oregon orchards to produce fruit Eau-de-vie, Grappa, and Brandy. We use the traditional European pot still along with techniques learned in Alsace and Switzerland. No colors or flavors are ever added to our brandies. The distinctive “nose,” or initial smell of the brandy in a snifter, is the result of careful fermentation and distillation of perfectly ripe fruit. You will taste only the clear and fiery essence of Oregon’s finest fruits.

Clear Creek’s signature product is the Pear-in-the-bottle. It is our Pear Brandy that made us famous. Besides the Pear Brandy, Clear Creek makes award-winning Kirschwasser, Blue Plum, Mirabelle Plum, Framboise, Douglas Fir, and barrel-aged Apple eaux de vie; a traditional barrel-aged brandy pot-distilled from fine Oregon wines; six varietal grappas; seven liqueurs; and an Oregon Single Malt Whiskey distilled from a fermented mash of peat-malted Scottish barley.

Owner/distiller Steve McCarthy and his brandies are respected internationally, served in the world’s best restaurants and celebrated by connoisseurs everywhere: “In Oregon, Steve McCarthy’s Clear Creek Distillery is producing what many experts feel to be the best fruit brandies…ever made in the U.S.” (The New York Times Magazine, Dec. 8, 1991). Steve McCarthy received Bon Appetit’s American Food & Entertaining Award “Wine and Spirit Professional of the Year” (September, 2001). His spirits continue to be called, “the most extraordinary eaux-de-vie in America, indeed, in the world.” (“The Wine Bible,” by Karen MacNeil, 2001) and “Gorgeous, impeccably pure eaux de vie” (Eric Asimov, The New York Times, August 15, 2007), and he is said to “set new standards among the world’s smaller distilleries” (Jim Murray’s “Whiskey Bible,” 2004).