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Wyldewood Cellars

Wyldewood Cellars

Monday, April 15, 2013

Wyldewood Cellars produces over 45 types of Kansas wine. What began in 1994 as a small elderberry winery has blossomed into an internationally recognized and awarded winery. We’ve won over 500 international awards for our elderberry wines and grape wines, as well as our other Kansas fruit wines.

As Wyldewood Cellars climbed the ladder of recognition, our winemaker and owner Dr. John Brewer was asked to become a judge at international wine competitions. For many years he was the only international wine judge from the area.

The 2002 Winter Olympics in Utah served our Spiced Elderberry Wine, which was named Best Non-Grape Wine in North and Latin America, and has won many other gold medals. Made from a sweet elderberry wine, cinnamon and cloves, it makes a delicious treat warmed on a cold night or as the perfect holiday wine for entertaining and gift giving.

As a family owned and operated business, we at Wyldewood Cellars are very proud of our accomplishments. With every bottle of Kansas wine we produce, we hope that the pride we take in creating our wine shines through to you, our most valued customers.

“We make wines that tastes good!” That’s our motto. Wine is a food, and should be delicious.