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Montezuma Winery

Montezuma Winery

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

For more than thirty years, George Martin had been a bee keeper. George, along with wife, Virginia and son Ed, maintained and built a honey production and pollination business containing 2,000 hives in Maine, New York, Florida and South Carolina.

With dropping honey prices and increasing costs, the family, now with son Bill, began niche marketing their honey in 1998. Bill had always dabbled in mead making and home brewing and the next year The Martin Family applied for a farm winery license, and commercial production of honey wine began. Soon after, Martin’s Honey Farm and Meadery in Sterling, New York was born.

In 2001, the Martins’ realized the importance of their location in the fruit belt of New York and decided to try their hand at making fruit wines.

The concept of Montezuma Winery was then formed. Montezuma Winery quickly took off, so much so that we moved the production facilities and gift shop to our 14,000 square foot building in Seneca Falls. Although we do produce high quality grape wines, the focus is fruit and honey wines.

Both Montezuma Winery and Martin’s Honey Farm and Meadery have claimed numerous awards including Gold, Double Gold, Best of Class, Best Fruit Wine, and Commercial Mead Champion. Our wine list offers a range from dry to sweet and includes Riesling, Merlot, Blueberry, Rhubarb and our most popular, Cranberry Bog.

The Martin family efforts continue to create and enhance a unique product line, quality products, and an experience that is memorable and enjoyable for their loyal customers. Stop by and enjoy the award-winning wines, family atmosphere, and extensive gift shop at Montezuma Winery!!