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Wine sauces: Something to consider

Wine sauces: Something to consider

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wine sauces add a lot to a menu item — and not only flavor but also a poetic flourish to the menu description.

rhubarb wine sauce

Rhubarb wine from New York.

You probably have a wine sauce or two as part of your menu, and why not experiment with your wine sauces by making them with fruit wines or honey wines to add a touch of regional, seasonal, farm-to-table appeal? Or hard ciders?

Use our Restaurateurs’ Only search to find boutique, regional, nongrape wines and hard ciders (at wholesale prices) to incorporate into your wine-sauce dishes.

Most recipes call for fruit and grape wine to be blended in order to make the sauces, and that makes sense since the actual wine-version of those fruits have not been widely available.

But if you could get your hands on inexpensive small-batch rhubarb wine made in your home or a neighboring state, the oven-braised short ribs you make for dinner with spiced rhubarb sauce could be even better incorporating real rhubarb wine instead of using a handy bottle of red from California or Europe.

If you try this, please let us know how it went.


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