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Monday, November 21, 2011

Adytum Cellars, honey wine, mead

Adytum Cellars makes some of the country's most expensive honey wines.

Cherry wine dot com welcomes its third Washington winery, Adytum Cellars, to the site, along with its list of 12 high-end (and not cheap) hand made artisan honey wines.

Located in the south central part of the state, the winery has been slowly and steadily growing since 2002, and now makes its lineup of fine meads available to 37 states and the District of Columbia via direct shipping. But its list of honey wines — including 100% honey wines, fruit-based honey wines like plum, and exotic styles like elderflower — are otherwise available only in the Seattle area and a few retail locations scattered throughout Washington state.

Owner and winemaker Vince Carlson has been a beekeeper since he was fifteen years old, and knows a thing or two about honey as well as winemaking, and takes a nature-first approach to his craft:

Each year, Vince travels the Northwest visiting orchards and farms searching for the most striking and flavorful flowers, fruit and berries of the season. “I never know from year to year what kind of mead I will be making,” he says. “In one year peaches are best; another year it might be cherries or pears. The fruit trees and berry bushes decide what will make the best mead of the year.”

Vince is a cool guy with lots of energy and a unique sense of intellectual curiosity, and he’s excited that  visitors to this site, such as yourself, will have a chance to discover his honey wine. And of course we’re excited to have some of mead’s most high-end price tag wines represented here.

Welcome to Vince, and welcome to you… feel free to see what Adytum Cellars has been doing with honey, yeast, fruit and wild flowers in the small, Yakima Valley town of Zillah, Washington for almost ten years now. Just click on the honey wine search to get started.



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